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Pilsen is a beautiful historical city whose origins date back to the 13th century. On 6 May 1945, near the end of World War II, it was liberated from the Nazis by the 16th Armored Division of General Patton's 3rd Army. An overview of the rich Pilsen's history can be found on its Wikipedia page. The city features many sightseeing attractions.

The conference will take place in the newly renovated technological hub called TechTower, located to the south from the city center. TechTower is one of the most advanced technology parks in the Czech Republic, offering facilities and offices for innovative companies, tech enthusiasts, programmers, and emerging entrepreneurs. It provides co-working spaces, a multifunctional hall, and a unique water testing tank.

TechTower is well connected with the city center by tram number 2 (stop Brojova). Here is the direct link to local public transportation company PMDP - if you want to use tram number 2 from Main Railway Station to Brojova: timetable. You can click "Opposite direction" to change the timetable of a station to the timetable of the opposite direction. You can click on a station name to check the timetable of the station. You can always buy the tickets in a tram, the terminal is located in the middle of the car, you can pay with any card or any wireless payment-enabled device.

Techtower image
Techtower image
Techtower image

Located in Pilsen

Part of the conference program will be optional tours of the:


The conference venue is not in a close proximity to any large hotels and thus we are listing here the options that are close in terms of using the high-quality public transportation in Pilsen:


Travel Information

Conference registration will open at 8 AM in the lobby of the TechTower center on Monday June 10, 2024.

Using a train from Prague

This is a recommended way of transportation. The trains leave from the Prague Main Railway Station (Praha Hlavní Nádraží) every hour and the trip takes around 70 minutes.

When coming via the Prague Airport, use the Airport Express (AE) shuttle service which takes you there directly. The station of AE is in front of the terminal 1, entrance F, the current price is 100 CZK (4 EUR) and it departs every 30 minutes. Main Railway Station (Hlavní Nádraží) is the terminal station of the AE - make sure to not get off too soon. Under normal traffic circumstances, the trip lasts about 40 minutes. Card payments are a viable option for purchasing the tickets.

When coming from other parts of the city, the Main Railway Station is a stop of the red line "C" of Prague subway. Train tickets can be purchased in the lobby of the Main railway station, or directly in the train (higher fees apply). The price of the ticket is 200 CZK.

To search for a train or bus connection online, use the page

Other means of transport

Some search engines favor buses to trains and if you do not mind smaller seats and less space in general you are welcome to check them. The better ones are RegioJet and FlixBus followed by other operators. Usually, you need to trasport yourself to Zlicin with the Prague public transportation before beeing able to board the actual bus which goes to Pilsen.